Are you a healthcare professional who wants to improve your communication skills? Would you like more strategies to better converse and connect with your colleagues and the patient populations that you work with? Have your patients, colleagues, and/or supervisors said to you that your interpersonal skills need refinement, or that your patients are preferring to work with other people?

This 4-part consultation series can help you improve your communication skills for:

  • Effectively connecting with new patients and their families and building therapeutic relationships
  • Navigating sensitive topics with empathy, cultural, and personal consideration for patients that include:
    • Sexuality
    • Trauma Histories
  • Learning Motivational Interviewing skills to:
    • Help you identify patient readiness and willingness to make changes as per medical recommendations, and
    • Help patients work through their stages of change, and manage barriers to making changes
  • Improving health professionals’ work-life balance and reducing burnout

Professional consultations are not covered by insurance. This series is individualized and self-paced; participants can have 4 one-hour meetings to cover these topics, or as many meetings as they wish for in-depth support on each or any topic. We are here to support you, as much as you want for as long as you like.

Call 917-913-6441 or email to discuss areas of interest and creating a customized approach for your organization.

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