“We exist in three interdependent spheres: our individual selves, our relationships, and as part of a larger collective with many social groups.

Give yourself this opportunity to develop your personal and relational skills and connect with your authentic self and the people most important to you.

Create a solid foundation for your journey in life, in love, and in defining your purpose with your own meaning system and propel yourself forward in this world. “

~ Maria Constantinou, LMFT , Founder and Clinical Director

Lifespan Wellness Marriage & Family Therapy provides psychotherapy services to clients of all ages and specializes in working with couples and families, particularly those affected by medical issues as well.

What you’ll find :

  • Strong mind-body-psychology integrative focus
  • In-session activities (book resources, worksheets to keep, and a range of play therapy activities for all ages- adults too!)
  • A SMART treatment plan (Simple, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) with clearly identified treatment goals
  • Interactive collaboration
  • A warm, direct, realistic and applicable approach, with no-fluff or jargon fillers
  • A blend of practical skills and insight development

Psychotherapy Services

Consultation Services



Lifespan Wellness Marriage & Family Therapy
now offers professional services using Telehealth!

Are you seeking help with?
  • Academic Underachievement
  • Acute or Chronic Illness, including coping with hypertension, obesity, diabetes, thyroid issues, autoimmune, and physical injury issues
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Career Exploration

  • Depression
  • Developmental Disorders
  • Grief & Loss

  • Infertility

  • Infidelity

  • Interpersonal Conflict

  • Intimacy and Sexuality

  • Maintaining Sobriety & Self-Regulation

  • Parenting Skills

  • Relationship and Family Conflict

  • Self-Esteem

  • Self-Regulation

  • Social Skills

  • Stress Management

  • Trauma & Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Professional Engagements

Maria Constantinou. LMFT is available to speak on topics that include: 

  • The mind-body connection of psychological and physical health

  • Managing interpersonal communications and relationships at home and/or at work

  • Parenting skills

  • Applying play therapy concepts to romantic relationships, school activities, and workplace team building and collaborations

  • Professional development for clinicians

  • Skills training for executives and supervisors for improving interpersonal relationships  in the workplace


Contact Me

Lifespan Wellness Marriage and Family Therapy adheres to all New York State laws and regulations and also values your privacy and confidentiality. If you are interested in the services offered please call 917-913-6441 to receive your free telephone screening and schedule your appointment.

If you contact Lifespan by email please be advised that emails must only contain your name, telephone number, the services you are interested in, and best times to contact you. Responses will be provided within within 24 hours.

Please note that visiting this site or contacting Maria Constantinou by email or telephone does not constitute or establish a professional or therapeutic relationship. In cases of emergency, please call 911 or go directly to your nearest emergency room.

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Office Hours: By Appointment

Tel: 917-913-6441

For general inquiries please send emails to lifespanwellnessmft@gmail.com

For correspondences pertaining to medical or other confidential information please send emails to lifespanwellnessmft@hushmail.com