Lifespan Wellness Marriage & Family Therapy PLLC is in network with some insurance plans.
In-Network Fees are determined by your plan.

Self-Pay & Out of Network Fees for Psychotherapy Services: 

Intake Session: $200

Individual Counseling: $100 per session

Couples Counseling: $200 per session

Family Therapy: $250 per session
Medical Family Therapy: $300 per session (collaboration work with medical providers included)

Fee payments are due in full at the time of service. Cash and credit card payments accepted.
Lifespan Wellness Marriage & Family Therapy offers a free telephone screening to find out which of these services are a good match for your current therapeutic needs and goals. Session are approximately 45-60 minutes.

Notification of the No Surprises Act and Good Faith Estimates

Lifespan Wellness Marriage & Family Therapy!

The No Surprises Act established new protections and disclosure requirements against surprise medical billing that takes effect on January 1, 2022.

Part I of the regulation protects consumers with health plan coverage from surprise bills from out-of-network providers under limited circumstances related to emergency and non-emergency services at in-network facilities.

Part II of the no surprises billing regulations requires that all health care providers and health care facilities that are licensed, certified, or approved by the state to provide Good Faith Estimates of expected charges for services and items offered to uninsured, out-of-network, and self-pay consumers before services are rendered. 

The Good Faith Estimate includes all the following:
  • Client name
  • Client date of birth
  • Description of the services that will be provided
  • Itemized list of goods or services reasonably expected to be provided in connection with the scheduled services
  • Diagnostic codes, service codes, and expected charges associated with each of those goods or services
  • Provider name, NPI, and tax ID number
  • Office location where services will be provided
What Consumers Also Need To Know

The provider may recommend additional items or services as part of the treatment that are not reflected in the original estimate, and a separate or updated Good Faith Estimate will be provided. Estimates for psychotherapy sessions are made based on fees per session multiplied by approximate time periods for services, so estimated costs can differ based on how long services are engaged. While it is not possible to know in advance how many sessions may be necessary or appropriate for a person’s treatment, the Good Faith Estimate provides an estimate of the service costs using the fees and approximate, but not required, treatment periods. 

The Good Faith Estimate does not obligate or require the client to obtain any of the listed services from the provider or continue services for the duration of the time periods indicated on the estimate. The Good Faith Estimate is simply to help clients who are uninsured or not using insurance calculate projected costs of services for the approximate time that services may be rendered.

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If you contact Lifespan by email please be advised that emails must only contain your name, telephone number, the services you are interested in, and best times to contact you. Responses will be provided within within 24 hours.

Please note that visiting this site or contacting Maria Constantinou by email or telephone does not constitute or establish a professional or therapeutic relationship. In cases of emergency, please call 911 or go directly to your nearest emergency room.

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