Are you having difficulty adjusting your routines to improve your health and the health of your family, or implementing your doctor’s recommendations to reduce health risks or stabilize an existing medical condition?

Medical Family Therapy expands the biopsychosocial lens to include an equal focus on the medical model to support people and their families impacted by acute or chronic health issues. This approach blends an ongoing collaboration with your medical provider(s) and behavioral health approaches to assist with managing adjustments and enhancing lifestyle changes as much as possible to support well-being.

Healthcare providers, the benefits of a collaborative approach to support patients include:

  • Health goal alignment
  • In-office collaboration
  • Patient convenience
  • Patient follow up
  • Patient comfort
  • Individualized plans
  • Navigating fears
  • Family adjustment
  • Support for adults
  • Support for pediatric
  • Support for teens
  • Support for people without tech skills
  • Visits can be as often as your space is available
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